Dick knives, the German kitchen knives since 1778

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History of the F. Dick knife brand;

If you are considering buying Dick knives, but want to know more about the brand, you are in the right place! Although the F. Dick brand is one of the oldest kitchen Knives brands in Europe, not everyone knows their history well.

The company was founded in 1778 by Johann Friedrich Dick, initially specializing in the production of limes, a tradition that lasted until 1873 when the company also began producing sharpening steels.

Dick brand’s first manufacturing plant in Germany was in Esslingen a small town in the Stuttgart region of southern Germany. The transfer of the brand to the current headquarters in Deizisau took place only in 1997 when the company was already large and famous nationally.

Lines of knives F. Dick;

One of the first aspects to consider, when we talk about Dick kitchen knives, is the fact that this company produces different product lines depending on the final function. For this reason we find the butcher knife lines, characterized by the typical high visibility blue handle and the Chef series or in any case the more refined knife lines designed for the home and the kitchen or for work.

In addition to the lines of kitchen knives, the German brand is also very famous for its different locks. Among the best known in this sense we remember the Dickoron, the steel par excellence.

Among the lines of kitchen knives most famous and requested by Chefs, we remember instead the series of forged knives Dick Premier Plus and the series of kitchen knives Dick Red Spirit. Over the years, the brand has produced several successful series that have won numerous international awards.

An example can be found in the Dick 1905 line of knives among the most beautiful in production today.

Knife series in comparison by Dick:

Below we point out some of the most requested and appreciated models of the different series of Dick knives.

Dick 1905 series;

Santoku Dick 1905;

AJAX series Dick 1905, Kitchen cleaver;

Dick Premier Plus Series;

Knife Dick Premier Plus Santoku;

Dick Red Spirit knife series;

Santoku Dick red spirit;

Dick Red Spirit Chef’s Knife;

The prizes of Dick knives;

Another aspect of which we have already mentioned something, concerns the numerous awards won by the products of the Dick brand. Awards that go to reward both the design of some of the most avant-garde lines and the exceptional quality level of their blades.

Among the most recent awards we remember, for example, the “DINEUS Grand Prix for table culture” or the “KitchenInnovation of the Year® 2020” Award obtained by the Ajax chef’s knife from the 1905 series and many others.

In this sense, many prizes are won annually by Dick knives, in this sense there are also prizes aimed at the design of these products. Among the best-known awards we mention in particular the German Design Award 2017 for the “Schnittbuch“.

In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to the world of Dick knives, we had the opportunity to talk about the history of this famous German kitchen knife brand. Observing how over the years this company has been able to treasure its history, becoming today one of the most famous and popular chef’s knife brands.

Specifically, we decided to talk about some of those series of knives in our opinion that most characterize the brand. In fact, although today the company offers many lines of kitchen knives, some with an Asian design as well, it remains firmly oriented towards a Western style.

In this sense we talked about the Dick 1905 line of knives, one of the most awarded or the classic series of Dick Premier plus the famous forged knives. Finally, we dedicated a few words to one of the most modern design lines. The Dick red Spirit knife series.

Solutions that, as we have been able to highlight, are also characterized by the winning of numerous international awards and recognitions. Awards aimed at rewarding the exceptional quality of Dick products, but also in some cases the design of these kitchen items, at the forefront of the sector.