Hunting knives, features to be evaluated before purchase

Are all hunting knives the same?

If you are a passionate hunter and want to buy a hunting knives, surely you are wondering what are the characteristics that I need to evaluate before buying?

The first thing to say is that there is no absolute best hunting knife, but there are many excellent knives, with different characteristics that lend themselves more or less well to certain uses.

In this sense, in fact, this type of tools must be designed for the pursuit of a purpose. Hunt a prey with certain characteristics and in this sense equip yourself with a tool that has certain characteristics.

For this reason, these knives are not all the same. Their characteristics vary according to the type of prey to be hunted.

In this sense, there are big hunting knives, which are characterized by being with a fixed blade and a full edge, and there are knives designed for medium-small sized prey. Tools that are characterized by having a smaller generally foldable blade.

A classic example of this is the Buck 110 knife, produced by the famous Made in USA knife brand.

Typical characteristics of hunting knives

hunting knives

In the previous paragraph, we mentioned how there are no unique characteristics of the hunting knife, but how different types of knives exist, designed to meet the most varied needs.

These types of tools are generically divided into fixed blade knives, mostly used for hunting medium and large prey and folding blade knives. The latter tend to be favored by those who hunt smaller prey.

Keep in mind, that in common jargon, many hunters include knives with very long and tapered blades used for processing prey among hunting knives. In reality, that type of blades is more correct to include them among fillet knives or butcher knives.

In addition to the structure of the knife itself, the shape of the blade also plays an important role in the differentiation of hunting knives. There are different types of blades, more or less functional depending on the activity to be carried out.

In this sense, there are Drop Point blade knives, also called drop point blade. This type of blade is known to be particularly functional in case of skinning of the prey.

In the same way, however, there are other types of blades. Among the most common we remember for example the Clip Point blade. This type of tip is particularly common in medium and large hunting knives. The models used for big game hunting. The Clip blade is in fact particularly practical for gutting the prey.

Finally, among the most common blades, which we want to remember, the skinning blade must certainly be mentioned. The knives that mount this type of blade are characterized by generally having a fixed blade. The arched blade in this sense is used for the processing of medium-large sized prey.

Why buy a hunting knife with these characteristics?

Knives that have these characteristics have always been recommended for mostly practical reasons. As you have surely noticed, in fact, in this short article, we have not talked about materials or other features that are not related to functionality.

Different hunting tools or those that do not enjoy these functional characteristics, will hardly be able to prove themselves as the best tools to always carry at your side.

Particularly when we talk about the shape of the blades. The Drop Pont blade, like the Clip, have always been considered among the most functional and it is no coincidence that they are the most used shapes in the hunting world.

For this reason we have chosen to talk about functional characteristics rather than more subjective and therefore questionable aspects.


In this short post linked to the world of hunting knives, we have had the opportunity to highlight some of the main functional aspects that must be present in these tools. In fact, this type of knives are mainly a tool and as such, in order to be used in the best possible way, it must have certain characteristics.

For this reason we talked about the different shapes used in these tools and in particular about the different types of blades.

As a surgeon needs his own work tools to be able to operate, a good hunter needs his own knives to be able to practice his sport.