Professional manual or electric knife sharpener which one to choose?

Professional knife sharpener, how to choose the ideal tool.

If you are a knife enthusiast, you are surely here to know the best professional knife sharpener for your needs. First of all, we emphasize that in order to choose the best professional knife sharpener, you must be clear about the type of activity you have to carry out.

You will therefore need to know how many knives you need to sharpen, whether these are kitchen knives or sports knives, such as hunting knives, how much time you have available and what type of blade they have.

Obviously I am not saying that there is a specific knife sharpener for each of these tools, but we can observe how there are more recommended solutions.

Professional electric or manual knife sharpener?

How much time do you have to sharpen your knives? This is definitely an important question you need to ask yourself before you can choose which tool to use. A professional electric knife sharpener is considered by many enthusiasts to be less precise, but at the same time allows you to be able to sharpen a large number of tools in a few hours. In fact, an electric grinding wheel or a professional belt knife sharpener can remain in operation for several hours without heating up and in this time it is certainly possible to sharpen a large number of knives.

Conversely, if you have few tools, a sharpening stone or a manual knife sharpener could be for you. Obviously, to use this kind of tools it is necessary to have a certain dexterity. In particular based on the angle of the edge, it is necessary to know well how to angle the blade on the stone before proceeding.

This problem appears to be less relevant when using a professional electric knife sharpener. In fact, these models are often equipped with special guides, to prevent the blade from escaping and that the angle is correct. An example can be seen in the famous Work Sharp Ken Onion electric knife sharpener.

Models of professional knife sharpeners;

Depending on the activity you have to carry out, there are therefore different types of professional knife sharpeners:

A) Electric knife sharpeners:

professional electric knife sharpener

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These can be tape or stone. These tools work by rapidly rotating the tape or stone on which the edge of the knife must be placed for sharpening. As elements in favor, we recall how these machines often offer guides to allow correct sharpening, and can allow the sharpening of numerous knives simultaneously. As against, let us remember instead that depending on the model of machine in use, the motors of these tools are often delicate and cannot remain under stress for too many hours simultaneously. They should be left to rest after a period of use to avoid overheating.

B) Manual knife sharpeners or sharpening stones:

These tools are characterized by being less bulky and easily transportable. They are therefore also ideal for outdoor excursions in the woods, but require a certain dexterity. In fact, to use a manual knife sharpener, if it does not have a guided system, it is necessary to know the correct angle at which the blade edge should be placed, if you do not want to risk damaging the knife.

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In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to the world of professional knife sharpeners, we have highlighted some of the most interesting aspects that can influence your choice. By emphasizing the different aspects for and against, we hope to have helped you in choosing the most suitable product for your needs. In fact, as you will have understood, there is no better professional knife sharpener regardless, but there are many high-performance tools that can be the best in response to your needs. Depending on whether you have a large or a small number of knives, you will certainly find a good answer to your questions and needs here.