Schrade knives, military knives since 1892

Schrade knives, the best outdoor survival knives.

If you want to buy Schrade knives, you should know that the history of the brand begins in 1892 with the production of kitchen utensils. Over the years, this company has had the opportunity to significantly expand the range of products available today, eventually specializing in the production of survival knives.

The original name of the brand is Schrade Cutlery Company, the company name that was acquired by the brand when it was founded in the USA in New York.

The Schrade knife brand today;

As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the Schrade knife brand today is known for its large number of survival knives. In fact, in recent years this company has highly specialized in the production of military knives and today offers one of the largest samples in this sector.

The success of these outdoor products is partly due to the design offered by the products made by the brand, and partly to the quality of the materials used to make them.

The Schrade brand in fact, over the years has collaborated numerous times with successful designers for the realization of its products.

We recall in this sense the Schrade Fixed Blade Extreme Survival SCHF1 knife, one of the best known Rambo knives in the sector. This knife is famous for its iconic design and for the captivating screwdriver holder hidden in the handle. Feature that makes it very interesting and also requested as multi tools.

Schrade products;

Schrade knives

Today there are numerous Schrade products made by the brand. These include not only the famous bushcraft knives, but also the many EDC knives for home use. Over the years, this company has in fact made numerous pocket knives designed to best meet the needs of those who want a good folding knife for every day.

In addition to Schrade products, the company has acquired numerous sports knife brands over the years. Some very famous like the Old Timer brand of hunting knives.

The Old Timer knives, in particular, are characterized by being hunting knives with classic lines. They are reminiscent of famous folding hunting knives such as Buck knives. The simple and essential lines of these hunting knives have made Old Timer knives very well known in the sector, to the point that today it remains one of the leading lines along with the brand’s products.

In conclusion on Schrade Knives;

If you are looking for some of the best survival knives, Schrade knives are probably the solution that could be for you. Made with the best materials, this brand of milestone knives offers a wide range of solutions designed to best meet the needs of all fans.

In fact, online it is possible to compare all the different models, from fixed blade tactical knives to the different EDC solutions. For fans of hunting knives, wishing to purchase a folding knife with classic lines, the company has for years acquired the Old Timer brand which offers some of the best pocket knives designed for hunting. Foldable Multi Tools to best meet your every need.