Helle knives, see the brand of knives made in norway

Features of Helle knives;

For survival enthusiasts, one of the best solutions has always been to buy Helle knives. But what are the aspects that have contributed to the success of these survival knives? Among the aspects that have certainly contributed to the success of Helle knives is their traditional character. In fact, these Norwegian knives are still made in a semi-traditional way, and this can be deduced from the moment you pick up one of these knives.

Unlike other Nordic knife brands in fact, Helle knives are made with real wood handles. This means that each item can be defined as a unique piece because the different shades of the wood vary from tree to tree.

The traditional design of these knives is also typical of the brand. Design that not only characterizes the shape of the knife, but also its case.

In fact, all these Lapp knives are sold with their own protective leather case. The typical puukko-style knife case is typical of Norwegian and northern European knives.

Another important feature of these Lappish knives concerns the steel. All the knives of the brand are in fact made of sturdy Norwegian triple-layer laminated steel.

History of Helle knives;

The Norwegian brand of Helle knives was founded in 1932. Since then this company has specialized in the production of high quality semi-artisanal knives. Today the Lapp knife brand is one of the most requested and appreciated among excursion and survival enthusiasts.

Among the aspects that has always characterized the brand, the strong philosophy of the brand must be underlined, strongly oriented towards the traditional characters of the country.

The bond of Lapp knives with the territory.

As many know, Helle knives are also famous because despite the strong demand, they have never decentralized production. For the Holmedal community where these knives are made, sending a Helle knife around the world means sharing a piece of one’s identity so as to introduce the world to an example of strength and beauty made in Norway.

As mentioned, these Lappish knives are semi-artisanal products. The latest finishes as well as the final treatments of the blade are carried out individually for each knife. For this reason, there is no Helle knife that is exactly the same as another.

Examples of successful Helle knives:

Below, we want to mention some of the most famous helle knives made by the Norwegian company:

1) Helle lappland;

This Lapp knife in Scandinavian steel is characterized by being one of the largest knives made by the Helle brand; Many define it as a small machete suitable for different uses. The handle is made of birch and the scabbard is made of genuine local leather.

Helle knives model lappland

2) Temagami knife;

Designed by Canadian designer Les Stroud, a well-known survival expert, the Helle Temagami 300 knife is defined as a true work of art. Like any good bushcraft knife the Temagami 300 is full tang and the blade offers the typical drop point shape.

Helle Temagami 300 knife

3) Helle GT 36;

Among the most interesting solutions we also point out the Helle GT 36 knife. It is a large knife, made of triple laminated stainless steel. Despite its size, however, this knife is characterized by its low weight thanks to the use of aluminum in the guard of the knife.

Why buy Helle knives?

Surely, many people ask, why should I buy Helle knives? The answer for many is not at all obvious, so let’s try to indicate here some of the advantages offered by the Nordic knife brand.

As we have already pointed out, when we talk about Helle products, we are talking about semi-handmade items. In fact, these Lapp knives, despite their extraordinary value for money, are handcrafted in the last phase of production.

The craftsmanship serves to offer these knives greater customization than those standard products that can be found online today.

Furthermore, these Lapp knives embody the true spirit of survival knives, as they are suited to offer the best performance even when the weather is as extreme as the Norwegian climate.


In this short post dedicated to the world of Helle knives, we have had the opportunity to examine one of the most famous Nordic knife brands today in Europe and beyond. Starting from the history of the brand, we have come to talk about some of the best known and most appreciated knives in the world of survival knives. Looking in particular at some of the characteristics that have contributed to making the brand so famous.

We talked about the Temagami 300 knife and the GT 36 knife highlighting their extraordinary beauty and elegance.

Finally, we talked about the advantages that characterize Lapp knives, underlining how these products, despite the low price, are semi-artisan articles of exceptional quality.