Survival knife, what features should they have?

What are survival Knife?

Among enthusiasts of the sector, the question is generally asked where to buy survival knife, the question therefore for many may seem like one, but for many it is not. In fact, let’s say straight away that although a survival knives may seem similar to another in appearance, in reality each item differs in a number of characteristics.

Clearly, when we talk about survival knives, we are referring to knives of a certain level, not to the infinity of poor products that are often easy to find on the net.

So having made this premise, let’s dedicate ourselves to understanding what are the characteristics of a survival knives.

Features survival knife:

Obviously the characteristics we are about to report are those we consider most important, but they are not necessarily the only ones.

When we talk about a survival knife, we mostly refer to a Full Tang knife. That is, we refer to a forged knife also called a full bead.

There are many reasons why a survival knifevs should be full tang. Survival knives are often the only object used by hikers to carry out almost any activity. From cooking to splitting wood. For this reason the survival knives must be stable and reliable, typical characteristics of a Full tang knives.

For those who have never practiced Bushcraft activities, the hiking survival knives can also be used as a cleaver, placing it against the trunk you intend to break and hitting it repeatedly with another trunk.

Carrying out this activity with a non-full-edged survival knife means breaking the knife at best, at worst, hurting a lot.

Another aspect that generally characterizes survival knives is the shape of the blade. A survival knives generally enjoys the typical drop point blade (also known as a Drop Point blade). This extremely versatile blade is characterized by the fact that it can be used in multiple disputes or situations.

From the opening of a can, to the evisceration of an animal. The features are endless with a practical and imaginative.

Examples of the most famous survival knife:

Here are some of the most relevant characteristics of a survival knives, in order to better clarify what we mean by survival knives, below we list some of the best known models:

1) Morakniv Bushcraft Black survival knife;

Morakniv Bushcraft Black survival knife

2) Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 survival knife;

Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 survival knife

3) Kershaw CAMP 5 1083;

Kershaw CAMP 5 1083 Survival knife

Conclusion about survival knives;

This short post dedicated to the world of survival knives, we have had the opportunity to briefly explain some of the characteristics that a survival knife must have. In fact, we have talked about the fact that this kind of knives must be full tang and therefore full curb.

In this sense, in fact, we have observed how survival knives are often used to carry out different types of activities on excursions. From cooking to breaking small logs. For this reason it is necessary that the knife is as stable as possible and therefore with a full edge.

In the same way we have seen how it is good to pay attention to the type of blade. Most survival knives offer a drop blade, also known as a Drop Point blade. This is generally to be preferred given its wide versatility.

Finally, we have made a list of recommended survival knives. Specifically, we referred to top brands in the sector, which offer the characteristics described. Elements like the Full Tang blade or the Drop Point tip.