Bowie knife, the most famous military knife

How the Bowie knife is born

The Bowie knife originated in the early 1830s, at the instigation of its creator, the famous soldier Jim Bowie. Today there are many collectors and enthusiasts who choose to buy a Bowie knife, but why was this knife born and what made it so famous over the years?

The Bowie, as it is known, was born as a military knives, for war use, in fact it has often been imitated by numerous opponents. In this sense, there have been several attempts to replicate the success of this knife and it is for this reason that today there are many variations that can lead to confusion.

Why is the Bowie knife so famous?

Although today we live in times of peace, at least in the West, the Bowie knife remains one of the best known and most famous military knives in the common imagination. But what made this knife so famous? Certainly it is not the characteristic instrument that you can see every day, given that almost everyone would be able to recognize a bowie from its shapes.

The reason is simple, although in fact today we no longer directly experience bitter war conflicts, bowie knives are among the most requested and used models in cinema.

In fact, there are many war films where even for a few moments it is possible to see a bowie. Knife that often in these films plays a leading role in many scenes, where at the right moment it is used to save the protagonist’s life.

One of the most famous films where the bowie plays a real starring role and Rambo in the different editions. The success of the Rambo-type Bowie is such that many companies have made items similar to the knife used in the film over the years.

What are the features of Bowie knife?

As mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the bowie knife has been, over the years, one of the most copied and revisited military knives. There are many similar solutions, despite the fact that bowie knives are still easily identifiable due to a series of intrinsic characteristics.

The first aspect that certainly characterizes a Bowie is the blade. These military knives in fact generally offer a sturdy blade and even more than 20 cm long.

Looking at the blade of this knife, it is possible to notice how the shape of the blade itself is also very characteristic. Bowie knives in fact offer the characteristic pointed blade, also known as Clip point.

This type of blade is in great demand today by those who use bowie knives, such as big game knives, therefore for processing game.

The Bowie’s neck is also distinctive. Generally elongated that near the guard has the characteristic grips to protect the hand.

Today’s most famous Bowie models:

1) Ka bar Becker Bk9;

One of the military knives par excellence, designed by the famous Knifemaker Becker, the Ka Bar BK9, the tank of bowie knives;

Ka bar Becker Bk9

2) Sog Bowie tech S10b-K;

Sog Bowie knife tech S10b-K

3) Muela Scout Bowie Pakkawood BW-22;

Why choose a Bowie knife?

Despite the years that have passed since its first realization, several manufacturers have tried to overcome this military knife. To date, however, we can say that the various solutions produced to date have not managed to overcome the beauty and functionality of this type of knife.

So much so that today the Bowie knife remains one of the most requested and collected knives by many enthusiasts. Its success, however, is not limited to the world of collecting.

In fact, there are many workers and hunters who still choose to buy bowie knives for their jobs or their hunting trips. Particularly if you are looking for big hunting knives of course.


In this post dedicated to the world of bowie knives, we have had the opportunity to observe some of the many aspects that over the years have contributed to the fame of this product. Starting from its history that dates back to 1830 to the present day, we have seen some of the many factors that have helped to expand its success.

Success that has grown enormously also thanks to the many cinematographic reproductions that have seen the bowie knife as protagonist.

Finally we dedicated our attention to some of the most famous bowie knives in our opinion, including the Ka Bar BK9 but also the Bowie Sog and the Bowie Muela. Solutions that over the years have given way to implement the fame of Bowie knives.