American military knives history and curiosities

Military knives today

Contrary to what one might think, the world of military knives is by no means in decline. Although these items are no longer purchased for war reasons, those who decide to buy military knives today do so in most cases for collecting.

In fact, there are many collectors of military and para-military items who today approach this world in an attempt to win the most sought-after piece, or the replica of the military knife they coveted.

But what are the tactical and military sports cutlery brands most in demand today?

Not being able to list here all the best-known American knife brands, we will devote ourselves to highlighting some of the brands that we believe fall into this category.

Historical brands of American military knives

Ka Bar Knives

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One of the most famous and sought-after American military knife brands in the world of cutlery is certainly Ka Bar Knives. Founded in 1942, Ka Bar immediately found the opportunity to see its products put to the test in the Second World War.

In this historical period, in fact, many of the Ka Bar knives became part of the military endowment given to some army corps. In particular, the Ka Bar USMC, precisely because of its wide use by the army at war, will become one of the very symbols of the famous world conflict.

The Ka Bar over the years, as is known, in addition to the USMC model, I have created various level solutions such as the Ka Bar Mark 2.

Today the demand for Ka Bar military knives for collectors is such that the same company produces commemorative versions of the various knives that took part in the conflicts.

SOG Knives and Camillus

Equally prominent are the American military knife brands SOG and Camillus.

The SOG brand undoubtedly the most recent compared to these other two houses, finds a way to assert itself during the Gulf War where some of the SOG knives become the tools of the United States Navy.

Among the best known models we remember the SEAL 2000 and the SOG Bowie knives.

Cammillus is among the historical brands made in U.S.A. That although it was founded way back in 1876 today due to its recent bankruptcy in 2007 has had to sell the brand.

However, the brand remains among the most requested, especially as regards the original historical pieces, among the most sought after in the world of collecting.

Different military knife brands

As mentioned in the introduction, we have no way here to enunciate all the most famous brands of military knives. It seems clear that the brands mentioned here are only a part of the many brands that are collected today.

Among the most interesting solutions that we only mention here, we should mention the Zero Tolerance knives by KAI or the Spyderco knives as well as the CRKTs.

These companies actually represent some of the most renowned brands in the American knife industry today, despite their younger age.

In conclusion:

In this short post related to the world of military knives, we had the opportunity to talk about some of the most famous and requested brands in the world of collecting.

By dedicating ourselves in particular to historic American knives, we have had the opportunity to observe how these companies have founded their success by cooperating in historic conflicts.

Solutions such as the Ka Bar USMC to date can be defined as real iconic symbols of the Second World War.

Solutions like this together with other of the aforementioned houses such as SOG, Spyderco, Zero Tolerance etc., are today among the most requested. Because they offer collectors of military knives a concrete way to remember the strength and ambition of past times.