Benchmade knives made in U.S.A. since 1979

The Benchmade brand of knives;

The American knife manufacturer Benchmade is based in Oragon City in the United States of America. Founded in 1979 by Les De Asis, this company of military and work knives is today among the most famous and marketed in the world.

The brand in particular is famous for its survival knives or its emergency knives. In fact, thanks to the important technological innovations made to Benchmade products, the company now actively collaborates with law enforcement and army departments.

Benchmade knives;

Today there are many enthusiasts and collectors who decide to buy Benchmade knives for their work or for their private collections. Over the years, the brand of military knives has been very successful among many enthusiasts and many of its products are today true icons.

Success came thanks to the numerous awards won by Benchmade knives, but also thanks to the actual feedback from the public who have actually awarded the brand over the years.

To date it is difficult to say which is the most loved and requested Benchmade knife. The brand of American knives in fact has numerous different lines to its credit depending on the need.

The company actively produces survival knives such as the Benchmade bushcrafter or tactical knives such as the Benchmade bugout. Among the iconic solutions of the brand we also clearly remember the famous Balisong, the butterfly knives very appreciated in the martial arts sector.

Characteristics of Benchmade knives;

There are several successful characteristics of Benchmade knives, as in the case of other successful brands, the company has collaborated extensively with famous designers in the sector. In fact, Benchmade products are characterized primarily by their captivating designs.

Clearly, the most important characteristics are the materials. In fact, over the years the brand has always invested in the research of the best materials for the realization of its products. Exceptional grade steels to offer the best performance.

The reason that led the Benchmade brand to constantly search for the best materials for its products is mainly related to the fact that these products are often in demand in the world of work.

Benchmade products are in fact in great demand in the world of the police or the army. Among the most famous models designed to offer the best to special forces we remember the Benchmade Adamas.

Although it is not possible to identify a priori which are the best Benchmade knives. Here are some of the most famous and sought after products in the world of military and survival knives:

1) Benchmade Bugout;

 Benchmade Bugout

2) Benchmade 940;

Benchmade 940

3) Knife, Benchmade griptilian;

Benchmade survival knives;

Even if up to now we have only mentioned Benchmade survival knives, there are many fans of the sector who prefer these products for their outdoor. Over the years, the American brand has made it possible to offer important solutions to all its various fans.

In particular, Benchmade products are in great demand by those who survive, such as the Benchmade Bushcrafter 162 knife;

These knives in particular, are characterized by their full tang blade and the strong resistance necessary to offer the highest level of performance to hikers.

Why choose Benchmade products;

If you have come this far, you will certainly have understood that choosing Benchmade knives means not only buying an object of the highest level, but also a reliable product.

For those who survive or work with their own knife, reliability is one of the first aspects to aim for when choosing your knife. Surely many of you have happened to break your survival knife while at work or doing Bushcraft business.

The Benchmade brand today offers some of the best survival products on the market. The best solutions designed to offer maximum performance to the many enthusiasts.

In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to the world of Benchmade products, you will surely have got to know the history of the brand by examining some of the most famous items. Here we have looked at some of the different most popular Benchmade models such as the 940 or the Benchmade Bugout and others.

Specifically, we also observed how the company has always offered its customers sought-after products of the highest quality. In fact, those who choose to buy a Benchmade knife often look at the reliability of the products that have always been considered top-notch.

Today, the American knife brand has hundreds of different products to its credit, designed to offer the best to the many fans and collectors of the world of military knives.