Cold Steel knives the famous military models

Cold Steel knives;

For several years now, Cold Steel knives have been among those internationally renowned products that every collector would like to have. Among the reasons that have contributed to the fame of the Cold Steel brand are certainly the extraordinary representations offered by the online brand.

The demonstrations of the exceptional quality of Cold Steel knives are in fact extremely well known online. In fact, the brand, in order to promote its products, has made several demonstration videos by publishing them on Youtube.

Years later, many of these videos have become real Cult with tens of thousands of views.

Today we are used to seeing on television broadcasts such as “swordfire” where the best knives are tested and compared by subjecting them to difficult tests. In the past, however, none of this existed, and the Cold Steel brand was among the first companies to make demonstration videos of their products.

Characteristics of Cold Steel products

Among the characteristic aspects of Cold Steel knives, we recall how the brand has participated in the creation of some of the most innovative military knives. The brand is in fact known for the creations of its Bowie knives modified according to the most recent needs and most modern designs.

Unlike other brands, in fact, the Cold Steel brand tends to always revisit its military knives in order to recreate new products, surpassing the performance of the older versions.

Another aspect that characterizes Cold Steel products concerns the materials. In fact, the American company is always looking for new materials for making its knives. New steels, new locking systems and new materials for the realization of the sheaths.

For this reason Cold Steel is one of the military products companies to have the most patents.

1) Cold Steel Drop Forged Bowie;

Cold Steel Drop Forged Bowie

2) Recon Cold Steel Tanto SAN MAI 7 ″ 35AM;

2) Cold Steel Recon Tanto SAN MAI 7 ″ 35AM

3) Cold Steel AK-47 Field Knife 14AKA;

Cold Steel AK-47 Field Knife 14AKA


In this short post dedicated to the world of Cold Steel military knives, we have had the opportunity to highlight some of the aspects that have contributed to making this brand so well known today. In fact, we talked about how this American company was one of the first to use YouTube as a dissemination tool to test its products.

Today many of the American knife brand’s demonstration videos boast millions of views around the world. Views, which have actually contributed to the fame of the brand internationally.

In this sense, we also talked about how the brand has always been looking for new materials and new technologies to be used for the production of its knives. Observing in this sense how today the American brand is one of the brands with the most registered patents dedicated to the design, steel or new materials sector.