Spyderco knives the brand of American knives since 1978

Spyderco Knives News;

Today there are many enthusiasts eager to collect and buy Spyderco knives, but how did the myth of these American knives come about?

The Spyderco knife brand was created by Sal Glesser in 1978 in Golden, Colorado. The production of the brand immediately began to stand out in the production of knives and knife sharpeners. Among the aspects that will contribute to the fame of the brand, we immediately point out the famous serrated blade or Combo Spyderco blade.

The Spyderco name was inspired by the high-performance Spyder sports cars. The same high performance offered by Spyderco knives.

Spyderco products;

Most of the products of the American brand are pocket knives. Spyderco knives despite being made with different varieties of steel depending on the model, are characterized by their design that has become a real icon in the world of EDC knives.

Today the Spyderco brand has numerous new product lines to its credit, but also retains many of the historic models such as the Spyderco Police knife or the Delica and others.

Regardless of the model chosen, however, what characterizes almost all Spyderco products is clearly the ladybug logo and the characteristic circular hole on the blade.

In fact, the folding knives of this brand almost all have a characteristic hole on the blade. This circular hole was created in order to simplify the opening of the knife by offering greater grip to the fingers.

Over the years, however, this hole has become a real symbolic element of Spyderco knives, to the point that today the house also depicts this element on fixed blade knives or kitchen knives.

Collaborations for the realization of Spyderco knives;

Today Spyderco knives are remembered as real collector’s items. In fact, thanks to the numerous collaborations with some of the most well-known successful designers, the brand over the years has created numerous successful series. Among the most famous designers we remember for example Jens Anso, Bob Terzuola, Darriel Caston and others.

But which are the products that have been most successful? The military and work knives that have most influenced the sector?

List of some of the most famous Spyderco knives;

As we mentioned earlier, many Spyderco knives have become icons in the world of military knives over the years. The success is partly due to their design, but partly also to the widespread use of these products.

Part of their success has also depended on their use by the US police force. An example is the Police Spyderco knife, which takes its name precisely because it is widely used by the U.S. police forces.

The boat knives of the American brand are also very famous. In particular, these knives are famous for their particularly efficient serrated blade for cutting ropes or other needs. The boat knives are also characterized by being made of highly oxidation-resistant steels.

Below we see some of the most famous Spyderco knives recommended by us;

1) Spyderco Police;

Spyderco Police

2) Spyderco Native 5;

Spyderco Native 5

3) Knife, Spyderco Endura;

Why do so many collectors choose to buy Spyderco knives?

As we have already mentioned in the previous paragraphs, the Spyderco knife brand over the years has become one of the most collected brands. But why so successful? One of the aspects that certainly contributed to the fame of these knives was their participation in several films.

In fact, there are many war and action films depicting the Spyderco brand products. One of the most famous in this sense is the film Hannibal where the protagonist often uses the harpy knife in different scenes.

The collecting of Spyderco products has also spread strongly thanks to the many collaborations undertaken by the brand with some of the greatest Knifemakers. The best successful designers have in fact collaborated with this brand of American knives which today boasts hundreds of products in the catalog.


In this short post dedicated to the world of Spyderco products, we had the opportunity to talk about one of the most famous American knife companies. Speaking of the brand, we had the opportunity to recall some of the most famous military knives of the brand such as the Police or the Para Military.

Going into detail, we also observed how this company over the years has undertaken numerous collaborations as influential designers. Collaborations that have certainly contributed to expanding the fame of the brand that over the years has created important products for the US police and other military forces.

Finally we have reported a small list of what we believe are some of the best Spyderco products such as the Police or the Endura knife or the native 5, although these are clearly just some of the many successful products of the American knife brand.