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Why choose to use a Work Sharp knife sharpener?

Before asking ourselves why to choose a Work Sharp professional knife sharpener, we think it appropriate to dedicate a few words to the brand. Although it needs no introduction in the knife sharpening sector, Work Sharp is the well-known company specializing in the production of tools for manual and mechanical sharpening.

In particular, when we talk about Work Sharp knife sharpeners we are talking about some of the best products in circulation today, solutions such as the Work Sharp Ken Onion sharpener or the brand new Work Sharp WSKTS2.

What are the best Work Sharp electric knife sharpeners?

As we have mentioned, there are several manual and electric knife sharpeners produced by the Work Shap brand. Below we list some of the best known and most requested products:

1) Work Sharp Ken Onion electric knife sharpener, Belt sharpener;

Work Sharp ken Onion professional knife sharpener

Specifically, reference is made to one of the most advanced electric belt sharpeners, signed Work Shap. Unlike other electric sharpeners, the Work Sharp Ken Onion sharpener is characterized by offering practical guides that can be used during sharpening.

The aforementioned guides therefore allow you to adjust the sharpness of the blade smoothly. the Ken Onion machine is ideal for both sharpening smooth and serrated blades, hatchets, kitchen knives, etc.

In order to offer maximum comfort, the Work Sharp Ken Onion sharpener can be integrated thanks to the purchase of external support. The stand in particular is sold as an accessory, but it further amplifies the capabilities of the machine.

2) Work Sharp WSKTS2 Belt Sharpening Machine;

Work Sharp WSKTS2 Belt Sharpening Machine;

Among other important solutions, he points out the new Work Sharp WSKTS2 sharpening machine. The smaller and more compact solution than its big sister The Work Shap Ken Onion sharpener.

As in the case of the previous one, this sharpener also features innovative guides for perfect sharpening of your blades. Unlike the Ken Onion, however, the less powerful motor allows reduced work cycles in order not to over-strain the engine of the machine.

Manual sharpeners

Work Sharp Manual sharpeners

Obviously for the more traditional enthusiasts, there is no shortage of manual sharpeners from the Work Sharp house. Specifically, the house produces stone manual sharpeners or guided manual sharpeners, portable solutions or home versions.

Among the models of sharpener we remember for example:

1) Work Sharp Benchstone Knife Sharpener Manual;

Specifically, it is a manual stone sharpener with double grain 1000 on one side and 6000 on the other side. The WorkShap manual sharpener in question is characterized by being equipped with side guides depending on the desired angle.

By placing the edge of the knife on the desired guide, it will be possible to sharpen the knife blade by 20 degrees or 25 degrees depending on the degree of sharpening desired.

Work Sharp  Knife Sharpener Manual Benchstone

2) Work Sharp Manual Whetstone Knife Sharpener;

Similar to the model shown above, we also point out the Whetstone manual sharpener. Unlike Work Sharp’s Benchstone manual sharpener, the latter is characterized by guided sharpening angles. This model in fact offers guides at 15 and 17 degrees, therefore less pronounced.

Work Sharp Manual Whetstone Knife Sharpener

In conclusion on Work Sharp Products;

in this short post dedicated to Work Sharp knife sharpeners, we have had the opportunity to examine some of the most popular and sought after models of the brand. Before talking about the different electric and manual knife sharpeners, of the Work Sharp we have dedicated a few words to the American brand, which over the years has become one of the best known and most requested among many enthusiasts.

In fact, in recent years, thanks to the various solutions offered, the company has proven to be one of the best answers to the needs of the many enthusiasts looking for an electric or manual knife sharpener.

Solution that has no equal when it comes to the Work Sharp Ken Onion knife sharpener.