Muela knives, the Spanish hunting knives since 1950

History of Muela knives;

The Muela knife brand was born in Spain in 1950 thanks to the work of Eladio Muela León. Always the result of an extraordinary passion for the world of cutlery, Muela hunting knives are today characterized by being a point of reference in the sector.

In particular, what is striking about the production of this brand is its ability to create artisanal and semi-artisan products of the highest quality and beauty. Today the Muela knife factory boasts an exceptionally large space of over 5000 square meters where more than 350,000 units are produced every year.

Obviously many of the Muela products are exported today, the brand actively exports its products to more than 50 countries around the world.

Production of Muela knives;

Today most of Muela knives are also produced with the aid of new generation machinery. Given this, the brand boasts a high degree of craftsmanship and this is also thanks to the strong contribution offered by the many skilled workers who work on the creation of these luxury knives.

The production of hunting knives starts with the choice of steel, selected according to the different models. In the various production phases, the various specialized workers are responsible for checking the correct execution of the various steps and treatments. Phases ranging from heat treatments to the grinding of forged blades.

Furthermore, each blade is manually fixed to the handle, which in some cases is carved manually, in particular when it comes to deer horn handles.

The attention to detail regarding the knives also goes beyond the making of the knife, and also extends to the skins used for the scabbards. Several specialized sectors in order to create a product of exceptional workmanship.

Muela knives features in comparison:

The brand of Spanish knives to date, as mentioned, produces different types of hunting knives, models with fixed blade, folding blade, Bowie and others. Below we will focus on selecting some of the most interesting models that have contributed to the success of the brand.

Series Muela Bowie;

Among the most interesting solutions, in the fixed blade category, a certain resonance is certainly to be attributed to Bowie knives.

1) Muela Scout Bowie Pakkawood BW-22;

2) Muela Scout Bowie Pakkawood;

3) African Lion 16BF, by Muela;

Why choose Muela knives?

Choosing to buy Muela knives means choosing an exceptional quality product with fine finishes at the right price. Today there are many imitations that go around online due to the success of these products, for this reason we recommend that you only rely on well-known retailers who deal with excellent products such as these Spanish hunting knives.

In fact, buying a Muela knife does not only mean buying a luxury item, but also means choosing products of excellent quality and manufacturing, where every aspect has been carefully studied to achieve the creation of a perfect knife.


In this short post dedicated to the world of Muela hunting knives, we have had the opportunity to highlight some of the most salient aspects of the history of the brand. Recalling in this sense how this Spanish company has been active in the production of hunting knives since 1950.

History that the brand has been able to make good use of, so much so that today the company is one of the largest and most famous in the sector and produces more than 350,000 hunting knives every year. Choosing a product of this brand therefore means opting for the best, choosing a product of the highest quality made with the same passion used by previous generations.