Professional kitchen cleaver, work tools

Professional kitchen cleaver

Professional kitchen cleaver why choose it as a work tool? The kitchen cleaver is one of the most popular professional kitchen knives among food sector operators. In fact, everyone knows its usefulness, but why choose it as a work tool? what are its unique characteristics?

As is known, a butcher’s cleaver has the function of breaking bones of medium and large dimensions, where during the processing of the meat, these are broken to separate the meat.

For this reason, this butcher’s knife is characterized by its thick and sturdy blade, ideal for assisting dry and decisive blows.

Butcher cleaver

The butcher’s cleaver is a specific tool, which we can say differs from the common kitchen cleavers. Unlike what one might think, in fact, there are different types of kitchen cleavers, some of which are more specialized.

Characteristics of a professional butcher cleaver

As mentioned then, a professional butcher cleaver has a number of typical characteristics. The most obvious is certainly the weight of this kitchen tool.

Unlike other knives, a cleaver from the same series differs in weight. The same cleaver can be made from the weight of 500 grams, such as 1 kg up to almost 2 kg.

In fact, the greater the weight, the greater the resistance of the blade and the less force it will be necessary to exert to land sharp blows. The greater the weight, the greater the force of gravity exerted on the blow.

A butcher’s cleaver can also be differentiated by the size of the blade or the handle. In fact, depending on the model, this can be made with a more or less large blade, while the handle can also be made for two hands.

In particular, it is observed how the greater the weight and the greater the grip of the cleaver. This is because the handle serves both to better balance the knife, but at the same time to provide enough space to hold the cleaver steadily with two hands.

Why buy a professional kitchen cleaver?

If you are a professional in the food sector, you know how important it is to buy a professional kitchen cleaver to deliver safe and clear shots. The greater the robustness of this instrument, the greater its reliability. For this reason, a distinction is generally made between kitchen cleavers for home use, compared to models of professional butcher knives. In fact, the latter are generally heavier and more robust and are difficult to adapt to domestic use.

In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to the world of professional kitchen cleavers, we have had the opportunity to better highlight how these tools differ. In fact, observing how, depending on the models, there are kitchen cleavers designed specifically for home use. On the contrary, there are specific models that are more robust and large designed for professional use.