Buck Knives, the brand of American hunting knives

History of Buck knives

For those looking for hunting knives, buying Buck knives is probably a practical and functional solution. With a strong history in the hunting industry, the Buck knife brand was founded in San Diego, California in 1902 over 100 years ago then.

Today the Buck brand is strongly active in the production of hunting articles in general. The American company, however, has become very famous precisely for the production of hunting knives.

Today, despite the strong demand for sports knives, the company has never moved its main production. In fact, most Buck hunting knives today are made in the Post Falls plant in Idaho.

Like many other American knife brands, the Buck brand has found a way to make itself known even in the various world conflicts. in this sense we also talked about the Ka Bar military knives.

Buck 110 knife;

Probably one of the most famous hunting models ever, the Buck 110 knife begins its history way back in April 18, 1963. In fact, at this time Buck began the design of one of the most popular hunting and multipurpose knives today.

But what are the aspects that have contributed to making the Buck 110 knife so famous? What has certainly contributed to the success of this knife is the high quality of the steel used. Today the Buck 110 is made of 420 HC steel which offers a hardness of 58 HRC.

The functional design that never goes out of style, finished in brass, the Buck 110 is in fact one of the best hunting knives today. Its success is such that today the company has reproduced several versions similar to the Buck 110.

In fact, we remember the Buck 112, the Ranger model or the 110 Silm and many others. In this sense, these are similar solutions designed to meet the different needs of hunters.

What are the best Buck hunting knives?

Here we want to recall some of the Buck hunting knives that in our opinion can be considered among the best. The choice is clearly personal, but it also takes into account the history and success of the individual knives.

So let’s see a small list of Buck hunting knives that can be considered among the best:

1) Buck knife 110;

Clearly the first knife on our list, it could only be the Buck 110 knife. As mentioned in fact this is probably one of the best hunting knives on the market today. Its success also makes it one of the most imitated hunting knives for this reason it is good to be sure of the seller.

The Buck 110 knife today is made of 420 HC steel and the handle is made of ebony wood with brass finishes. Like any good hunting knife, the Buck 110 knife blade is Clip Point.

The clip point blade allows the hunter to be able to work his prey after a hunt with ease.

buck 110 knife

2) Buck 836 knife;

Another of the very successful solutions of the Buck brand is the Buck 836. It is specifically a survival knife particularly appreciated for being equipped with a hard case and fire lighter. As in the case of the Buck 110 knife, the Buck 836 is also made of sturdy 420 HC steel.

The item is generally sold with a fire lighter and a whistle;

Buck 836 knife

3) Buck 105 Pathfinder;

Among the most sought-after solutions of the Buck brand, we could not fail to mention the famous Buck 105 Pathfinder; This is one of the models that made the history of the Buck brand. Originally born as a military knife, today it is among the most requested solutions by those who do big game hunting.

As in the case of the two types of knives, this model is made of 420HC steel. Unlike the two types of hunting knives, the Buck 105 Pathfinder has a fixed blade and is sold with its beautiful black leather sheath.

 Buck 105 Pathfinder

Why choose Buck hunting knife?

For those unfamiliar with the history and exceptional quality of these hunting knives, this question is easy to ask. In reality, those who over the years have had the opportunity to try and test a Buck hunting knife, already know that choosing one of these knives means choosing a reliable and long-lasting product.

There are many hunters or aspiring hunters who mistakenly, driven by an apparent saving, decide to buy low quality products. A knife made of bad steel, is likely to be damaged easily, having to be replaced within a few months.

Choosing to buy a Buck knife means choosing to buy a reliable product which, if properly maintained, can last a long time.

In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to the world of Buck hunting knives, we had the opportunity to talk about the history of this famous American knife company. Observing some of the most important aspects, which have contributed to the success of Buck knives. Today This company with a history in the world of cutlery boasts a production of hundreds of items that can be purchased in the best Knife shop online.

Speaking of the Buck brand, we had the opportunity to talk about some of the most famous solutions, such as the Buck 110 knife or the Buck 105 Pathfinder hunting knives that have made history in the world of knives and which today are among the most sought-after items among the collectors.