Professional boning knife why choose it?

Boning knife feature;

As many will already know, the professional boning knife is part of the typical tools used by the butcher. As easily understood from the name of this tool, its function is to remove medium and large bones from meat.

Although this tool was originally intended to be used only by professionals in the food sector, today, given its wide versatility, it is also used at home. For processing chicken or other types of meat in general.

Characteristics of the boning knife;

boning knife

As already highlighted in the previous paragraph, the boning knife was created to allow the butcher to extrapolate bones from the meat more easily. For this reason this tool is characterized specifically by the shape of its blade.

However, contrary to what is generally thought, the blade of the boning knife can vary in shape and size. Depending on the specific functionality for which the knife was designed, this can be straight or curved.

If the boning knife has a curved blade, this can be turned outwards, thus giving the knife a curved appearance designed to best follow a perfect cut. In the same way, however, there are less common curved blade knives (hook type), mainly designed to extract the meat around the bone so as to allow extraction.

As for the size of the blade, however, this type of tool does not have a specific blade shape. In fact, the size can vary depending on the type of meat for which it is intended to be used. In this sense, there are boning knives with 13 cm blades, but also knives of the same family that can exceed 20 cm in length.

The professional boning knife, for use in the kitchen;

Today the boning knife, contrary to what one might think, is also widespread in home kitchens and not only in the workplace. The reason for this, however, does not only concern the functionality of this tool which has made it extremely popular even outside the professional sector, but also partly concerns the price.

In fact, unlike the past, in recent years many brands of professional kitchen knives such as Dick or Sanelli have started making professional kitchen knife sets for home use.

Unlike other traditional kitchen knife sets, professional butcher kitchen knife sets are designed for professional use. This makes them easier to clean, lighter and cheaper as they are designed as work tools.

These practical characteristics, which put functionality before aesthetic elements, have in fact contributed to expanding the diffusion of these tools.

Today, in fact, professional kitchen knife sets, containing the boning knife, are commonly sold online to those who want to buy a set of knives for their home.

In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to the world of boning knives, we have been able to highlight some of the most interesting aspects that characterize these tools. The type of blade we have seen can vary depending on the model. In fact, this can be straight or curved, with a thin or large blade depending on the work to be pursued.

Going into the specifics, we have in fact seen how well this type of kitchen knife was born for professional use, today the boning knife is also widespread in traditional kitchens. In this sense, in fact, we have seen how many manufacturing companies are working today in the production of professional knife sets complete with boning knife for use at home.