Professional knife sharpener solutions compared

Why buy a professional knife sharpener?

Many want to buy a professional knife sharpener, this is because it is an indispensable tool that cannot be missing from your accessories if you are a knife and blade enthusiast. In fact, there are many solutions designed to sharpen your knives at best, but which of these are truly professional solutions?

When we talk about professional knife sharpeners, we are talking about fixed tools, therefore about electric knife sharpeners capable of working several hours in a row. Robust solutions that do not risk breaking after a few hours of activity.

Buying a professional knife sharpener therefore means choosing a reliable tool capable of assisting you during your working days.

Types of professional knife sharpeners;

There are different types of professional knife sharpeners. There are electric, manual, roller sharpeners and many other variants. Among the tools for sharpening knives of greatest interest in recent years, we also point out the knife sharpener stones. However, these tools are to be considered a more niche tool, ideal for sharpening a two-piece.

When we talk about types of professional knife sharpeners, we mostly refer to those electric roller sharpeners capable of sharpening numerous blades for several hours, without having to stop.

In this sense, there are table sharpeners or more dynamic solutions that do not require a fixed support surface, but can be moved easily, as in the case of the WorkSharp Ken Onion professional knife sharpener.

Work Sharp professional knife sharpener;

When we talk about professional knife sharpeners, one of the most important brands in the sector is certainly Work Sharp. In fact, this American company has specialized over the years in the production of sharpening machines and today offers many of the most interesting solutions in the sector. Electric belt sharpeners, but also many varieties of manual knife sharpeners designed for the outdoors.

When it comes to the Work Sharp brand, many think of the Ken Onion knife sharpener model, but obviously there are several made.

Work Shap Ken Onion Knife Sharpener;

Work Sharp Ken Onion professional knife sharpener

As we have mentioned in the previous paragraphs, one of the best performing machines in this sector is certainly the Work Sharp Ken Onion professional knife sharpener. Despite its smaller size, this machine is designed to remain in operation for several hours, offering the user the possibility to sharpen his collection.

Specifically, it is an electric belt sharpener, which requires a direct current socket and therefore is not suitable for outdoor use. However, this machine does not even need a fixed support surface and this allows it to be moved easily to the desired point.

An aspect of significant importance concerning this sharpening machine is linked to the possibility of using the guided sharpening system. The Work Sharp Ken Onion is in fact equipped with special guides that allow the user not to lose the correct angle of the edge during work.

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Work Sharp WSKTS2 professional knife sharpener;

Work Sharp WSKTS2 professional knife sharpener

Among the most performing solutions that we point out, also from the Work Sharp brand, we mention the smallest professional sharpener WSKTS2. As in the case of the Ken Onion, this machine also has a series of guides designed to facilitate sharpening of the blade without losing the angle. Unlike its older sister, the engine of this model appears to be less powerful and less performing than the larger Ken Onion. This aspect reveals more clearly if you want to sharpen many knives in a single work session.

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Bottom line on professional knife sharpeners;

In this short post dedicated to the world of professional knife sharpeners, we have been able to highlight some of the key features that distinguish professional electric knife sharpener models. We then talked specifically about some of the most performing knife sharpener models today, the solutions of the Work Sharp brand.

By looking at some of the most important features of the Work Sharp Ken Onion knife sharpener and the smaller WSKTS2 model.