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You love military knives and survival items, surely you already know the sports cutlery online store. This company has been offering for several years the possibility to lovers of the sector to approach this world with simplicity. A vast catalog of products offered in this portal allows you to compare dozens of items in a few moments, comparing the different characteristics such as handle, type of blade, stainless steel or carbon steel, production materials, price and many other aspects.

In fact, does not only aim to appear as an online store. On the site it is in fact possible to buy products such as military knives and tats, but not only that, the platform in fact offers a real virtual space, where all enthusiasts can meet and compare a real virtual meeting point for enthusiasts where it is also possible comment and express themselves on the different products tested.

In this web space, it is in fact possible to express one’s own comment on each product. In doing so, the buyer is given the opportunity to express his own opinion on the product, after testing it. The user will then be able to tell their own experience whether it was positive or negative.

Buy military knives ?

If you are not an avid collector or hiker who seeks only the best, you are probably wondering why buy military knives online? What features do these products offer? Why choose them ?

Knives in general have always aroused a strong attraction in man. Since we were a nation of hunters and gatherers, the knife has always been our most faithful companion. The tool that today has undoubtedly accompanied us in every activity of life, accompanied hundreds of generations. In the common imagination, therefore, the knife is first and foremost a tool. We use it every day to cut our food for cooking, or as a gardening tool etc.

The interest in these tools is so developed in man that for years these items have also been collected. When we talk about collecting, we especially refer to historical knives, such as military knives or combat knives such as the Bowie and others. Knives that have taken part in the most famous war conflicts in history, but not only.

Therefore, an increasingly large circle of users has always approached this sector, choosing to start collecting these tools.

Nowadays, there are many reasons that push collectors towards the purchase of military knives. There is a passion for knives, which certainly drives many, but for others the purchase of these objects is a real investment. These products normally increase in value over the years. Especially in these days where inflation is stronger, a collector’s knife can increase its value by up to 30% in a year.

military Knives

How many types of military knives are there?

This is undoubtedly a question that can be misleading. The answer to the question is not at all trivial, how many types of knives exist may seem very simple, but it is far from the case.

By reading this article, you will have understood that there are many types of knives on the market today. Some designed to respond to certain uses, others for the world of collecting and still others for the survival sector, and this only if we are talking about the sports world, thus excluding the kitchen sector.

Furthermore, among the different types we point out folding knives, fixed blade knives, full tang knives and lighter non-full tang knives, designed to be used every day. Almost 6,000 different types of knives are available on the catalog of the website. An enormously vast number, but which in reality covers only a portion of what the world of sports cutlery is.

In Italy alone, there are dozens of brands producing sports and military knives that have dozens of different models in their catalogue.

We can therefore say that there are many different types of knives, many different items depending on the different functions that can be performed. Depending on whether you are looking for a work tool, rather than a survival tool, or a military knife, there is a specific knife designed for you.

Historical reproductions of military knives;

In the world of collecting military knives play a very important role. For those who are passionate about war conflicts, in fact, there are many specialized companies that over the years have created faithful reproductions of the instruments that contributed to the conflicts.

Among the best known, specialized brands, it must certainly be mentioned