Why are Morakniv knives the best survival knives?

The Morakniv knives;

Today there are many survival enthusiasts who choose to buy Morakniv knives for their outdoor. But what are the aspects that have contributed to making these survival knives among the best?

One of the aspects that has certainly contributed to the fame and spread of these knives is their price. Despite being produced entirely in the city of Mora in Sweden, these knives are marketed at very competitive prices despite the exceptional quality of the materials.

Unlike other solutions that can be purchased at equivalent prices, Morakniv knives are all made of fine Swedish steel.

Morakniv products;

The Morakniv knife brand currently has hundreds of different models under its belt. Obviously, among the many solutions offered, some knives represent real solutions of the highest level, required by all fans of the sector.

But what are the most famous knives of the brand? The models that just cannot miss in the set of every good explorer? One of the most popular and requested solutions is certainly the morakniv Garberg. This model certainly represents the top of the range of the Mora knife brand.

Obviously we are talking about products of the highest value, not only in terms of materials, but also in terms of economics. For those who are beginners, in fact, intermediate solutions such as the Kansbol or the Bushcraft represent an extremely valid solution to start with.

Types of Morakniv knives;

1) Garberg Morakniv;

The Mora Garberg knife, as mentioned above, is one of the top models of the Scandinavian brand. It is in fact a Full Tang knife with a blade of almost 11 cm which lends itself to being the ideal tool for carrying out Bushcraft activities.

Garberg Morakniv knives

2) Kansbol Morakniv;

Another of the most interesting solutions among survival knives is the Morakniv Kansbol. From the size and design similar to the Garberg this survival knife differs in particular for the fact that it is not full tang.

The fact that this knife is not full edged makes it lighter and easier to handle for dynamic hiking activities, but less suitable for Bushcraft activities and is therefore not the recommended tool for splitting small logs.

3) Bushcraft Morakniv;

Another of the best-known knives of the Swedish brand is the Bushcraft Morakniv. Made in Sweden, like the other models of the brand, the Bushcraft knife is also characterized by a series of important features typically present in a good survival knife.

Specifically, in fact, the Bushcraft knife of Mora is characterized by being sold together with a series of accessories functional to the world of survival. In fact, by carefully observing the case of this knife, it is possible to observe how the latter is equipped with a fire lighter. The sheath also has on one side a diamond sharpening surface.

Why choose Morakniv knives?

Choosing Morakniv knives, as you may have understood, today means choosing products of the highest quality at a decidedly low price. It is no coincidence that today there are many survival schools that choose to buy Mora products for their hikers.

In fact, for years the company has expressed the Swedish culture and passion for the outdoors in the production of its survival knives. Offering its consumers products resulting from hundreds of field tests improved year after year, thanks to the feedback and experiences of enthusiasts and professional hikers.

For all these reasons and not only today Morakniv is one of the most famous and appreciated brands in the world and actively produces millions of pieces.

In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to the world of Morakniv survival knives, we had the opportunity to talk about one of the most famous companies in the sector. Looking specifically at some of the most successful solutions of the brand such as the Garberg knife or the Kansbol by observing some of the most important features of these products.

In this sense, we have had the opportunity to understand which are the most appreciated characteristics of the brand, the solutions that have contributed most to implement the success of the brand.

Finally, speaking of the brand, it was observed that the Swedish company, despite the exceptional amount of products made every year, offers knives of the highest level. Valuable products that do not fear comparison with the competition.