Adorini Humidor Why choose these humidifiers?

Advantages of purchasing an Adorini Humidor

Although the Adorini Humidor brand is considered by many to be one of the best, not everyone is yet clear the reasons for buying a Humidor.

Many newbies in the sector, approaching the world of cigars ask themselves, but why should I buy a humidor to store my cigars? Isn’t just any wooden box enough?

Obviously the answer to this question can only be negative. Unlike what it is possible to believe, in fact, cigars, to be preserved at their best, require a perfect habitat.

In fact, cigars, like wine, in order not to deteriorate over time, require a protected environment that is not subject to severe climatic changes.

For this reason it is good to choose a cigar humidor to best preserve your collections, and in this the German house is one of the best choices.

News about the Adorini Humidor brand

Although many can believe from the name of the brand and the names of the different Humidors on the market today, that Adorini is an Italian brand, it is not. In fact, the Humidor Adorini brand has always been one of the most renowned German cigar accessories brands.

The mistake that many fall into, referring to the origins of the house, is in fact due to the different names concerning cigar humidors, which often refer to Italian cities.

Characteristics generally present in Adorini Humidors

What are the aspects that have contributed to making this cigar humidor company so famous? There are several characteristics that have contributed to the growth of the brand. Surely one of the main features to which it is good to refer is the high quality of the materials used to make these cigar humidors.

Going into more detail, Adorini Humidors are also famous because, in most of the models there is a high-precision hair hygrometer, factory-adjusted for the size of the humidor in which it is installed.

This aspect allows the products made by the Adorini brand to boast greater precision than those produced by other manufacturers.

Another important aspect also concerns the presence of fans with a typically chromed appearance. In fact, if necessary, these can be turned on to improve the ventilation inside the Humidor in order to offer greater control of the internal humidity.

Alternatives to wooden humidors.

adorini humidor

Although the classic wooden humidors, such as those made by the house, are one of the most requested solutions among many enthusiasts, many are wondering but what are the alternatives to this solution?

For those looking for an alternative to Adorini humidors, one of the most interesting solutions can certainly be represented by electric humidors.

The Electric Humidors, unlike the classic wooden solutions, have a number of disadvantages. The first aspect is certainly the noise. In fact, an electric cigar humidor needs an engine to work and its noise is similar to that of a small fridge.

Similarly, running on electricity, an electric humidor consumes electricity and is therefore a solution that requires fixed costs.

It must be said, however, that this type of electric humidor is mostly required only by those who have a large number of cigars to keep. In this sense we speak of collections of 500/1000 cigars, which require more space and also greater temperature control.


In this short post, we got to talk about one of the most famous cigar humidor brands, Adorini. Observing in this sense some of the aspects that have actually contributed to the success of this company. We then talked about the relevance of the Adorini Humidor hair hygrometer and the ventilation system.

Finally we addressed the issue of alternatives to the Adorini brand, talking about the possibility of buying an electric humidor. This solution, although more cumbersome, can be a valid alternative for those who have important collections, consisting of 500/1000 cigars.