SOG military knives born in the Vietnam war compared.

History of SOG knives;

There are many collectors today eager to buy SOG knives, today these undoubtedly represent the best of history and human ingenuity in the world of military knives. Like many other premium American knife brands, SOG knives were created to meet the war demands of the US Army.

As was the case with Ka Bar knives in World War II. The first SOGs were born during the Vietnam War. In fact, initially these military knives were supplied to military groups for reconnaissance on the territory. These tools with a new design were designed not to allow third parties to trace their origin if a soldier had fallen on a mission.

The first SOG products were designed by Benjamin Baker, deputy head of the Counterinsurgency Support Office in the USA. Made of high-quality SKS-3 hardened steel with a hardness of 55-57 HRC. Looking similar to a Bowie knife, these SOGs were characterized by their dark finishes, designed not to attract attention.

The brand of SOG knives;

The real SOG knife brand called SOG Specialty Knives was born in 1986 with headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Before then the knives known as SOG were only a type, from 1986 the American brand will start the production of knives with a similar character up to the vast production of products today among the best known in the world.

The SOG Specialty Knives company was founded by Spencer and Gloria Frazer inspired by the name of the Joint Services Special Operations unit known as Military Assistance Command, Vietnam Studies and Observations Group.

From here begins the extraordinary journey of the SOG brand which has been active today for 35 years and produces countless products. Among the best known we remember, multi tools and other hiking accessories in addition to folding knives.

However, the company originally began its journey by reproducing many of the SOG products that made the history of the war in Vietnam. Many varieties of Bowie knives that still represent some of the most requested and collected models by enthusiasts.

Collaborations of the SOG brand;

In 2000 the knife brand SOG created the knife nicknamed SEAL 2000 for the US Navy SEALs. It is specifically a 7-inch fixed blade knife. The original production took place from 1995 to 2007, but today SOG continues the production of items with a similar character for collectors and enthusiasts.

Famous Sog Knives:


2) SOG BOWIE 2.0 S1T-L;


The SOG brand today, not just knives;

Despite the strong history of the brand in the world of military knives, today SOG Specialty Knives no longer produces only knives. In fact, over the years the company has greatly expanded its catalog by offering the many enthusiasts alternative solutions to the survival knives that have made it famous.

An example can be observed thanks to the success of the various Sog multi tools today among the most requested. In addition to the multi-tools, the different folding knives are also well known of the brand. In fact, over the years the company has dedicated itself to the development of new technologies dedicated to the world of folding knives.

An example can be seen in the PowerLock and PowerAssist technologies present today in many products of the SOG brand.


In this short post dedicated to the world of SOG knives, we had the opportunity to talk about some of the most characterized aspects of the brand. Observing how originally the SOG type of knife was born in response to the needs of the army in the Vietnam war and how, starting from these first models in 1986, SOG Specialty Knives was born in California.

We have examined and presented some of the most famous Bowie SOG, some of the real reproductions of the models used by the US military. Specifically, we refer to the historic SEAL 2000 originally built for the special forces Navy SEALs.

Buying a SOG knife today means buying products that have made the history of American cutlery and which still represent one of the best solutions on the market for many enthusiasts and collectors.