Ka Bar knives the best military and survival knives

History of Ka bar knives;

Today there are many collectors who want to buy Ka Bar knives, but how was this brand of combat knives born? The brand began the production of its military knives during the Second World War in 1942. The success of its products was immediate and the United States chose Ka Bar products to supply its troops.

In particular, the Ka Bar knives are supplied to the U.S. Marine Corps. who will use these knives during the Second World War.

The military knife that made history in this sense is the famous USMC Ka Bar also known to remember the shapes of a small Bowie knife.

Why are Ka Bar knives so famous?

Ka Bar knives will be used successfully by the US military on several occasions. After their use in World War II, these military knives will also be used in subsequent conflicts such as the war in Vietnam, Afghanistan and others.

The presence of these models, in many of the most important wars of recent years, have made the Ka Bar very famous among collectors. The same manufacturer produces several commemorative versions of the Ka Bar USMC knife.

Ka Bar products are also among the most used in cinema. In fact, there are many scenes of war or combat where it is possible to see one of these military knives in action.

For all fans, the Ka Bar military knife has become a symbol, an icon that cannot be missing in their collection of military items.

What are the most famous Ka Bar knives?

We have seen why Ka Bar knives are so famous today, but what are the specific models that have contributed most to the fame of the brand?

Surely, among the most famous products, there is the aforementioned Ka Bar USMC. This model, given its fame, is made by the house in different versions including commemorative versions.

Among the most famous models we also have Ka Bar Becker BK2, also known as the tank. The latter is a knife with a more recent history, designed by the famous designer Becker.

Also noteworthy are the Ka Bar Big Brother and the BK9, one of the largest models among Ka Bar products.

List of some of the most famous Ka Bar:

1) Ka Bar USMC 1217;

The Kabar Marines Knife is a knife supplied by the American Armed Forces since 1942. Historic item in use during the Second World War, which over the years has maintained its characteristic design.

Ka Bar USMC Knives

2) Ka Bar BK2;

The Ka Bar Becker Companion BK2 is designed for outdoor lovers. Thanks to its solid curb structure the BK2 is the ideal tool as a perfect survival knife for your own outings or camping. The handle is made of black Zytel while the blade is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel.

Ka bar BK2 knife

3) Knife Ka Bar Becker BK9 ;

The Ka Bar Becker Combat Bowie BK9, represents the perfect synthesis between ergonomic design and the Bowie style blade. Considered one of the strongest military knives with very high performance. As with the smaller BK2 the Bowie BK9 is made of 1095 Cro-Van steel and measures over 9 inches.

Ka Bar BK9 Knife

Advantages of purchasing a Ka Bar knife;

Despite the beauty of these military and survival knives, many may wonder, why buy a Ka Bar knife? The question obviously concerns the outdoor world more than collecting, given the historical role offered by the brand.

Choosing to buy a Ka Bar knife, not only offers the possibility to buy a Ka Bar product, it means buying a reliable product. In fact, unlike the many imitations and many similar products, Ka Bar knives are carefully tested and subjected to important tests before being put on the market.

If you are a lover of survival, the Ka Bar Becker are probably the solution for you. For this reason they are considered among the best military and survival knives.

In conclusion:

In this short post dedicated to Ka Bar knives, we got to talk about the history of these military knives. Talking about how many of the Ka Bar products we took part in World War II. We have also seen which are some of the most famous models, such as the Ka Bar USMC or The BK2.

Entering into the merits, we have made a small list of those that we believe are among the best Ka Bar knives on the market today. We then remembered the Ka Bar USMC or the BK2 or the famous BK9 bowie knife.

Finally, we saw how one of the main advantages for those who buy a Ka Bar knife is reliability. Because unlike other products, all Ka Bar are subjected to important tests to test the reliability of the knife.