Cigar Humidor the ideal tool for storing cigars

Humidor Cigars What is it?

Among cigar aficionados, we often hear about cigar humidors, but what is it and how does it work? If you are here, it is because you are looking for a way to better preserve your cigars, but before you buy a Humidor you surely want to know more.

A cigar humidor apparently is nothing more than a container, usually made of wood, where you can keep your cigars. Although apparently a Humidor may seem like just this, in reality there is much more!

As can be deduced from the translation of the word itself, this container has the function of a cigar humidifier. Specifically, it has the task of offering an environment at a constant temperature and the correct humidity where it is possible to best preserve cigars.

Why do I need a Humidor for climate control in the environment where I store cigars?


Cigars like wine are highly subject to deterioration if not stored in the right environment. A climate that is too dry over time could in fact lead to excessive dryness of the leaves, ruining the aroma of the cigar itself. On the other hand, storing a cigar in an environment that is too humid could encourage the growth of mold or fungus, making it unusable.

For this reason, it is therefore important to always have the climate of the environment in which your cigars are stored under control. Controlling the environment in this sense is by no means a trivial matter and in this sense the different cigar humidors come into play.

How Does a Humidor Work?

To offer constant control of internal humidity, A Humidor has a number of features. Perhaps one of the most evident aspects are the materials with which these instruments are made.

A cigar humidor is in fact generally made of wood, a material known for its insulating characteristics. Beyond this, clearly, a humidifier generally consists of a hair hygrometer to control internal humidity.

Depending on the Humidor model chosen, it is possible to find internal ventilation fans or humidity control devices operating with crystals.

How many cigars can a cigar humidor hold?

The answer in this case varies depending on the Humidor model clearly purchased. There are travel humidors designed to accommodate 3/5 cigars, but also electric humidors designed to accommodate 500/1000 cigars.

The amount of cigars that can be stored in a humidifier varies from case to case. Let’s say, however, that in most cases a medium-sized wooden humidifier can accommodate from 25 to 100 medium-sized cigars. (Source)


In this short post dedicated to the world of Humidors, we got to see what these cigar humidors are and what they are for. In this sense, we also had the opportunity to compare the different characteristics offered by these objects.

Speaking about how a humidor works, we were able to explain why it is so important to control the climate of the environment in which you store your cigars.

Talking about the characteristics of these tools we were able to observe how they operate in order to offer climate control as well as the quantity of cigars that can generally be contained.