Which guillotine cigar cutters are the best?

How to choose your guillotine cigar cutter

Among the many solutions available on the net today, it is not at all easy to choose to buy a guillotine cigar cutter. There are many different brands and solutions and if you do not have clear ideas, the choice can certainly be complicated.

The problem for newbies in the sector may seem trivial, but it is not the case at all. In fact, an expert smoker knows well how the quality of the smoke also depends on the quality of the cut or the size of the same.

Is there an absolute best cigar cutter?

I think it can be easily said that there is no better cigar cutter ever. This is because the choice of cigar cutter can vary depending on the type of cigar you wish to cut. In fact, like cigars, cigar cutters differ in the width of the cut they can offer.

The width of the cut, therefore the maximum diameter that a cigar cutter can accommodate is measured in Ring Gauge.

Therefore, the greater the diameter, the greater the hole made on the cigar and the greater the pull during use.

Types of cigar cutters on the market;

Over the years, in order to meet the needs of the many fans of the sector, various models of cigar cutters have been created. In fact, among the guillotine cigar cutters we remember the fan-shaped ones, the cigar-cutter boxes, the cigar-cutter knives, etc.

These types are generally the most common, although the classic guillotine model is probably the best known visually. Although not a smoker, in fact, this model is often visible in many films where it is often also intended for non-related purposes.

Among the famous movie scenes, this type of cigar cutter is used for purposes other than the classic one, it is Mission Impossible 3 with Tom Cruise.

Famous Cigar Cutters Brands:

Obviously, since most of the cases are considered luxury goods, there are numerous famous houses, specialized in this sector. Among the best known brands we remember for example Dupont, Xikar, Paliò for example.

Among the famous brands in strong growth, particular attention should be given to the Xikar brand of American origin which every year offers its customers many models and important solutions for the cigar world.

In this sense we remember the brand new Enso, the cigar cutter coming from the Japanese culture. Model that is characterized by offering a dry cut on one side just like a real guillotine. Or the Classic XO cigar cutter made in different materials and colors.

1 ) Enso By Xikar Silver;

The “enso” cigar cutter is a minimalist circle drawn in a single stroke in a moment of clarity.

Recommended cigar cutter features and models

2) Xikar XI2 American Flag cigar cutter;

Xikar XI2 American Flag cigar cutter

3) Les Fines Lames Le Petit Laiton Hexagone cigar cutter.

In conclusion about the Guillotine Cigar Cutters:

In this short post, we have had the opportunity to examine the different models of cigar cutters on the market today. By comparing the different solutions we were able to understand what are the advantages offered by these products.

We also had the opportunity to recall the different solutions most common on the market today, explaining some of the aspects to which to pay more attention.

Buying a guillotine cigar cutter today is by no means a standard and immediate solution. There are many variables to consider, especially based on the type of cigar smoked.